MotorCity Chimera PlayMat


This is the textless “clean” version of the GP Detroit 2015 playmat done for the 2015 GP Detroit Magic: The Gathering event. It features a huge and angry chimera-like creature taking on an army of demons in an apocalyptic landscape. Since the image was created for an event in Detroit, the local pro-sports team mascots were combined to form the chimera: A lion, tiger, fire-maned horse (pistons), and a pair of giant red wings. In the background looms one of Detroit’s more famous landmark buildings: the Michigan Central Depot. Playmat size is 24×14.

For those of you not familiar with table top games playmats, they are fabric textured on a rubber pad Рessentially a very large mouse pad.

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This is a 24×14 playmat featuring a chimera having an angry confrontation with a whole lot of pesky demons. It is a textless variant of the exclusive 2015 GP Detroit playmat.


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