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Delight your eyes and your affinity for dinosaur art with this exquisite little collection of Steve Prescott’s drawings of fantasy dinosaurs. No Apatosauruses or Pachycephalosauruses or scientific accuracy here – these are all just off-the-wall inventions and variations of all the regular dinosaurs you know so well. Consider them dinosaurs whose fossilized skeletons just haven’t been discovered yet! This little gem of a book  is a full color, 34 page softcover. Each copy signed by Steve Prescott.

Order accutane from india - Buy legit accutane

The Steve Prescott Dinosaur Sketchbook is a 34 page 6×9 softcover filled with drawings and doodles of made-up dinosaurs complete with a selection of fully colored dinos. Each copy of this regular version comes signed by Steve Prescott.



  1. Eduard

    Even though I live outside the USA, Steve was kind enough to find a way to deliver this little gem overseas in a blink of a dino’s eye, and let me tell you: it was worth the time and the money! The moment I got it I delved into it and devoured every single drawing like a kid with new shoes. To some it may seem a small book, but I can assure you it contains a ginourmous amount of passion, dedication and talent! If you love the world of dinosaurs, you won’t be disappointed. Once more, thank you very much Steve for sharing your art with us. Keep up the good work and here’s to ‘Dinosaur Sketchbook Part 2’, hopefully! 🙂 🙂 😛

    • steveprescott

      Thanks, Eduard!

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