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New Products Added!

The home stretch of every year (that is, the time from Halloween through New Years) tends to become super busy. Super DUPER busy. This year is definitely following that trend. That said, I still managed to add some items to the store in hopes that maybe some people are looking to do some Christmas shopping. I added two playmats and three nice prints – so check ’em out! More to come! (If I get a chance…)

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Steve Prescott finally launches a web store!

That’s right, at long long last I will have a little corner of the internet where you can easily peruse, click, and purchase books, prints, and artwork that I am selling! The best part? Your purchase will not be slowed or otherwise encumbered by my inability to quickly reply to emails! A big win for all of mankind!!!

Now mind you, theĀ STEVEPRESCOTT.COM store is in its infancy. Plenty of kinks and quirks to iron out still and thus far all I have available are my books – but I will be adding items as often as I can so if you’re looking for prints, Magic: The Gathering artist proofs, or original artwork, please remain patient. The groundwork is now laid out so adding items should be pretty easy and will arrive in due time.

If you want to purchase anything and there is a problem, please send me a message and I will try to rectify it as soon as I can.