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Original Art and Dinosaur Sketchbooks!

I really need to blog it up a little more often than, ya know, once every 4 month or so. My friend and I have been slowly pecking away at setting up a decent flat rate shipping system for most or all of my products. I believe that is now in place – though I still need to make some tweaks here and there.

More importantly, I have added a bunch of original artwork to the store! A handful of little experimental paintings as well as framed original drawings from my AlphabetBook of Mythological Beings! I think they look really nice float-mounted in these modestly elegant frames. These were all hanging on display at IKON gallery in Canton, Ohio. I sold a couple of them there and now that they aren’t in the gallery, I have them for sale in my store here. Each framed drawing comes with a signed copy of the Alphabetbook. Since the framed drawings are fairly big, fairly heavy and require a lot of secure packing to protect the glass, those items are only available to US residents. Too risky and super-expensive to ship internationally.

My other news is that I will be ending the selling of “Special Edition” versions of any of my books on November 18, 2017. If you are interested in getting a copy of either the Dinosaur Sketchbook or the AlphabetBook of Mythological Beings with an original drawing inside, best get them in the next four weeks!

Thanks and have a great Halloween, everybody!